Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eating Skittles While Black

Racial profiling hits an all time high in Sanford Florida or should one say low.

Eating Skittles while Black.
Are the Sanford Police guilty of corruption, misfeasance, malfeasance, incompetence, cover up or plain indifference to the murder of an African-American youth?

Police claim, they can find no contradiction to Zimmerman's self-defence claim. Do they want to, how hard did they look?
Zimmerman carrying a 9mm and outweighing the youth by eighty pounds.
Are the Police so incompetent, they cannot distinguish between the voice of the victim crying for help and his assailant?
where are the experts in this case while a killer walks free?
Why was Zimmerman stalking an innocent youth even after being told by the 911 dispatcher to back off?

Has our system of justice been so corroded that an African American youth innocently walking home, feeling secure, enjoying some candy in a gated community after visiting his father can be stalked by an overzealous, self appointed vigilante, who creates the very scenario he (zimmerman) alleges he was trying to prevent?

In any civilized society, I am sure the Florida Stand Your Ground Law, does not, should not condone the cowardly, racist profiling of an innocent unarmed African American youth,
Stalking him and wantonly taking his life.
Zimmerman, armed was stalking Trayvon, the youth posed no threat to his assailant or the community.

By his own words zimmerman created his own illusion. "This guy looks like he is up to no good or he's on drugs or something (yes, skittles and tea) it's raining he is just walking around looking about" (AND HE IS BLACK) "THESE------- COONS"

If this is not racist profiling, what is?

There is a Destructive culture at work in America, a culture attempting to exonerate the wrongdoer who is shielded under the cloak of some authority.
Be it Military, Police or vigilante, lest it may reflect a flawed system of Justice.
An image to be protected at any cost, the illusion, delusion of infallibility and superiority.

The truth of the matter may be, we are operating under a flawed system of Justice, every time we exonerate the wrongdoer with no regard for justice for the victims.
In so doing our system of Justice becomes a party to the injustice itself.

To be truly effective, a system of Justice must be equitable, lead by example and not engage in divisive rhetoric.

We must not blame the laws but rather the improper implementation, interpretation and enforcement of said laws.


  1. Police State judges and profiling of hate!!!

  2. Living not far from Sanford at the time this happened, there was a lot that hadn't been mentioned in the press. The fact that Trayvon Martin was visiting his father in Sanford because he was suspended from School for drugs (not the first time) raised a lot more questions. Why was this kid out while being on suspension? Where was the adult supervision in his life. I really believe Zimmerman should never have followed Martin; however, was that action criminal or just stupid? After the trial, zimmermans character veered it's ugly head and the entire world realized just what kind of person he is. Is is a hot head, an egotist and just a creep. That night had the making of a perfect storm. A punk snot kid trying to act gangsta and a egotistical vigilante.